Renting is a service that allows your company to use an asset during a specific period of time without the obligation of purchasing it, facilitating the renewal process of it.

This allows for 100% of its obsolescence risk to be transferred to Rentek.

Rentek acquires the productive asset of your choosing. You may then use the asset for a specific term in exchange of a monthly payment. Like this, your company knows the exact expense associated to the asset in the long run.

  1. You can return the assets and renew your operation with the latest equipment and technology.
  2. You can renew the renting contract with those same assets for the time period you decide on.
  3. You have the possibility of buying the assets at a fair market price.

With Rentek your company will always have at its disposition the assets it requires. Depending on the level of service you need, included in your renting monthly payment you could have access to:

  1. Expert Advice
  2. Purchase Management
  3. Asset Registration
  4. Insurance
  5. Tax Solutions
  6. Maintenance
  7. Others
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What is the difference between Renting and other products?

Financial Leasing
Bank Credit
Allows for the use of assets without owning them.
Financing model
Money loan for the acquisition of assets with the promise of future payments.
Purchase Option
There is no defined purchase option.
Purchase Option defined in the initial contract. Irrevocable.
Purchase is mandatory to obtain the credit.
Independent of the number of assets the company has, the payment is 100% tax deductible.
You can only deduct taxes at the financial cost.
Payments are exempt from IVA.
Debt Level
Does not affect the debt level.
Is registered as a liability and affects the debt level.
Is registered as a liability and affects the debt level.
Technological obsolescence risk is covered 100% by Rentek.
Technological obsolescence risk is covered 100% by client.
Must assume the cost of the sale of the asset and the loss of its commercial value.

What do we rent?

rentamos mobiliario rentek


    • Office Furniture
    • Shelves and Racks
    • Archive Systems
    • Others
rentamos tecnología rentek


  • Computers
  • Servers
  • Communication Equipment
  • Printers
  • UPS
  • CCTV
  • Others
rentamos maquinaria industrial rentek

Industrial Machinery

proyectos llave en mano rentek

Personalized Projects and Interior Architecture

rentamos sistemas de parqueadero rentek

Parking Systems

rentamos equipos médicos rentek

Medical Equipment

rentamos aire acondicionado industrial y refrigeración rentek

Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Systems

rentamos vehículos rentek


  • Automobiles
  • Heavy Duty Vehicles
rentamos maquinaria industrial rentek

Construction Machinery

rentamos activos a la medida rentek

Personalized Assets

Advantages and Benefits


  1. Does not require an investment analysis, but a study of additional budget expenses.
  2. Facilitates technological renewal and your company does not have to sell its assets in order to be technologically updated. As a consequence, your company does not need to reflect a loss due to the sale of fixed assets.
  3. We use a Renting Contract that facilitates the acquisition of new accessories meant to improve current assets, as well as the acquisition of new equipment used to increase the current capacity of the assets.
  4. Does not use up working capital resources.
  5. Lightens the administrative duties related to the control and administration of the assets.
  1. The monthly payment is 100% tax deductible, independent of the company´s equity.
  2. Does not affect the debt level.
  3. Generates a greater budget efficiency.
  4. Eliminates unknown costs associated to the asset.
  5. Generates a permanent control over expenses.
  6. Evidences that the associated expense is lower than any other alternative.
  7. Your company obtains important economies of scale.
  8. Lowers the risks associated with the possession of the assets.
  9. The equipment is not counted as assets belonging to the company.
  • Decreases the number of contracted providers.
  • Optimizes the maintenance time of the assets.
  • Elevates he company´s reaction capability.
  • Maximizes the availability of assets.
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Process to Acquire Your New Asset

  • Get in touch with us through our customer service lines.
  • Get a personalized assessment of your needs with one of our Key Account Managers.
  • Send us a quote of the asset you need with some additional information.
  • Pass our credit study and receive an approval of your request.
  • Finalize the process and enjoy your new asset!

Want to learn more about Renting? Send us a message and we´ll get in touch.

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