Not sure where to start?

You’re not sure where to start?


A: It is a contract that allows the client to use an asset during a specific term, and without the obligation of buying it, facilitating the company´s renovation process.

A: Rentek acquires the productive asset of your choosing. You may then use the asset for a specific term in exchange of a monthly payment. Like this, your company knows the exact expense associated to the asset in the long run.

A: This depends on the type of contract you acquire. Your company can choose different services that can be paid with the monthly payment.


  1. You can return the assets and renew your operation with the latest equipment and technology.
  2. You can renew the renting contract with those same assets for the time period you decide on.

You have the possibility of buying the assets at a fair market price.

A: The big difference is that the monthly payment is 100% tax deductible under renting. Financial leasing interests are accounted for as an expense, while under the renting model your assets are not affected and no debt is created as a liability.

A: Once the asset has been delivered, the payment will be billed on a monthly basis + its corresponding IVA. There is a 30 day window to make the payment.


  • The monthly payment is 100% tax deductible, independent of the company´s equity.
  • Does not affect the debt level.
  • Generates a greater budget efficiency.
  • Eliminates unknown costs associated to the asset.
  • Generates a permanent control over expenses.
  • Evidences that the associated expense is lower than any other alternative.
  • Your company obtains important economies of scale.
  • Lowers the risks associated with the possession of the assets.

The equipment is not counted as assets belonging to the company.


  • (Original) Rentek Renting Form.
  • Financial Statements of the last 3 years.
  • Financial Statements of the current year.
  • Declaracion de Renta of the last 3 years.
  • Updated Company Certificate of Existence of no more than 30 days.
  • Shareholder Structure, signed by a fiscal auditor.
  • Copy of the Cedula of the Legal Representative.
  • Copy of the Cedula and the Professional Card of the fiscal auditor.

A: To begin the process get in touch with us through our customer service lines to speak with one of our agents, who will explain the steps you must take to begin the process.

A: To receive a pre-approval of your vehicle financing request you need the following documentation:

  1. Copy of your Cedula enhanced at 150%
  2. Signed Authorization before Credit Bureaus and Personal Data Processing
  • Rentek Vehicle Finance Request Form

A: Rentek makes payments on Tuesdays and Fridays. In case of a Monday holiday, the payment is done on Wednesday.

A: A bill is rejected if it doesn´t comply with the legal parameters or if it fails to come with the required attachments to close an operation according to the purchase order.

A: The payment terms for renting are 12, 24, 36 and 48 months.

A: The minimum amount is $50,000,000 COP.

A: No. Only businesses may acquire a Renting product.

A: Yes. Our team is willing to have special sessions so that you can have accurate and clear information regarding its products and services.

A: To solicit a quote get in touch with us through our customer service lines, where one of our agents will guide you through the process.


  1. Minimum experience in the market of 3 years.
  2. Have a good post-sales service.
  3. Pass a viability study.
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